Wolfram Dix spent his childhood in Machern near Leipzig where he began to play the drumset in 1970. He studied at the Leipzig Music Academy and with Günter Kiesant a.o. From 1975 to 1989 Dix collaborated with groups like Con Fuoco, Manfred Schulze-Formation, Joe Sachse-Quartet, Osiris, Andreas Altenfelder-Quintet, Hannes Zerbe-Brassband, 37.2° , Cäsar's Rockband, Tett, Gustav Schuster-Combo, Manfred Hering-Trio and Zentraleuropäische Spielvereinigung Fortschritt a.m.o.

Supported by the collaboration with international well-known artists such as A. Garrison Fewell, Harry Beckett, Toto Blanke, Wu Wei, Carmell Jones, Etta Cameron, Charlie Mariano, Jiggs Whigham, John Tchicai, Xu Fengxia, Wolfgang Schlüter, Joe Zawinul, Anca Parghel, Anatoly Vapirov, Leo Wright, Willem Breuker, a.o., Dix has been able to broaden his musical and personal mind.

Dix has been teaching drumset,improvisation and rhythmical training at Leipzig University of Music and Theatre since 1989. Many workshops and other educational activities are filling his yearly schedule as well. In his role as a working musician in the fields of recording and theatre Dix is able to look back at many collaborations with a large variety of projects inside and outside of Germany. With the release of his solo-CD "DIX - PERCUSSION & VOICE in 1998, he begins a new journey in his artistic development. On this path, Dix explores what he calls Improvised Concept Music, which emphasizes connecting and amalgamating the conceptional and intuitive elements of artistic performance.

Dix has successfully participated in various festivals in Leipzig, Bucarest, Bremen, Warszaw, Chisinau, Peitz, Weimar, Debrecen, Berlin, Nanjing, Erding, Darmstadt, Lublin, Donaueschingen, Bratislava, Tabarka, Burghausen and Münster a.o. Currently Dix is performing as a soloist with Standby, Ya Dong, Mischram von Dycksenbach, Smart Metal Hornets, Hidden Sounds, Percussion Posaune Leipzig, Tapshot a.m.o.