New Leipzig Jazz Trio


(bass, percussion & voice)


The New Leipzig Jazz Trio was founded in december 1998 by Sabine Helmbold, Thomas Stahr and Wolfram Dix. The musicians involved, who are different origns, have lived for several years in Leipzig, and feel culturally and personally connected to that town. The sparing, unusual occupation with relatively low fullness of tone, offers sufficient room to develop quiet points. Individual ideas can be developed and joined together to a many facetted but unified sound. In this way, even well-known jazzstandards and songs from the fields of blues and pop music attain new colours. The repertoire also emphasises compositions of the band members, who are influenced by the most different fields. Openness and versatility in the attidude to music play a very important role, paticularly in a formation wich unifies several artistic generations.


The program of the New Leipzig Jazz Trio is particularly suitable for concerts. Prefered appearances include also participations in exhibition openings and author readings, and conversation rounds on radio and television are enriched by the music of this group.