Wolfram Dix works as a percussion player in the fields of I-Music, Jazz and orchestra projects. In the musical cooperation with other performing artists, it is at his request, to cross borders in artistic genres and in this way to connect ways of expressions to a new unity which does not seem to be compatible at the first sight.

Since 1975, his centre of life and work is Leipzig, where most of his artistic projects are situated, too. To widen his horizon and to earn money, he is travelling a lot.

Although he already achieved a lot of success as a participant of several orchestra projects, he still loves the improvisations in small groups. Therefore, a lively interaction between the actors and the active attention towards intuitively running processes inside and outside of the musical creation are very important to him.

Dix also got attention working as an instructor for drumset, rhythm and improvisation at the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig since 1989.

In 1998, a new part in his life as a musician started with the publication of his CD "Dix - Percussion & Voice". Since then, he works on the further development of his so-called "Improvised Concept Music", which describes the connection of planned and intuitive elements of the performance experience.

As well as concerts all over Germany, Dix has played in Moldavia, France, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, the United States, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, China and Hungary.

In addition to his regular projects, he has played with such well-known figures as Etta Cameron, Richard Galliano, Herb Geller, Nina Hagen, Nigel Kennedy, Charlie Mariano, Wolfgang Schlüter, Jiggs Whigham, Leo Wright and Joe Zawinul. When not performing his own compositions, Dix's technical ability and proficiency make him the first-call accompanist.